Or was she sick all along?

NY Times:

An Unplanned Absence for Hillary Clinton at an Inopportune Time

After a relatively quiet summer, Mrs. Clinton was returning to the campaign trail and trying to connect with voters in more personal terms. Then she got sick.
Could the relatively quite summer be the result of the same illness or some other malady?  It is certainly possible and the media appears to have been in denial when the issue was raised by others, and now finds itself embarrassed by its candidate's on confession which was prompted by an embarrassing video.

Before the video surfaced she was pushing the "overheated" meme to explain her early departure.  The video showed something that looks significantly more serious than "overheating."

It is still possible she may be hiding other illnesses that would have been revealed if she was taken to a hospital emergency room as protocol requires.  Those who were wrong to trust her statements about her health earlier are still reluctant to demand the facts.

I was not one to push the "lack of stamina" meme earlier.  But that video does look like something much more serious than pneumonia.


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