Obama holding military spending hostage to his liberal agenda

Washington Examiner:
As President Obama is threatening to veto a bill to increase military spending, his top military chiefs told Congress the president has never personally discussed the matter with them.

The military service chiefs, whose primary job is to oversee the training and equipping of the America's armed forces, uniformly described a looming crisis in combat readiness over the next five years, if mandatory spending caps known as sequestration remain in place, in testimony Thursday.

When questioned by Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., the four-star officers who head the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force all replied that they had no personal conversations with the president about the problems they described in great detail to the Senate Armed Services Committee keeping front line forces ready for war.

"Have you all talked to the president about this? Have you told the president what you're telling us? About the state of the military and the sequestration?" Graham asked the chiefs. "Have you had a conversation with the commander in chief telling him what you just told us? General Milley?"

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley answered, "I have not personally had a conversation with the president on this," followed by similar admission from his three fellow chiefs.

"I'm gonna make some suggestions to ya," Graham said. "Go tell the president what you're telling us."

The Joint Chiefs chairman, as the president's top military adviser, typically conveys to the president the sentiments of the individual chiefs. But any member can request time with the commander in chief, especially if he feels his views are not being adequately represented.

Graham says it's "repugnant" that Obama is refusing to sign a defense authorization bill that addresses critical needs in the military because Democrats insist on getting increases in domestic spending as a concession for supporting a higher Pentagon budget.
The  military leaders also made it clear that they could not defend the homeland under the current spending limitations.  The situation is dire and with the limitations on the military, it would force them to move to nuclear weapons much quicker than it would under adequate funding.

That Obama and the Democrats would hold the country's national security hostage to their extravagant vote buying schemes is just deplorable.  Put that in your basket Hillary.


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