Islamic religious bigots in Pakistan launch mass murder attacks on Christians and lawyers

At least 14 people were killed in two attacks in northern Pakistan Friday, according to authorities.

In the city of Mardan, at least 13 people were killed and another 53 were injured in an attack at the city's district courts, District Police Officer Faisal Shehzad, district police officer said.

The attacker threw a hand grenade at the gate to the courts then blew blew himself up after security prevented him from getting inside, Senior Police Superintendent Shafiullah Khan said.

Four of those killed were lawyers, according to Amir Hussain, the president of the Mardan Bar Association

In the neighboring city of Peshawar, one bystander was killed and three members of Pakistani security forces were injured earlier in the day in an attack on a Christian neighborhood, according to the Pakistan's military.

Pakistani police previously told CNN that four bystanders were killed and five were injured.

Four suicide bombers, who were also equipped with arms and ammunition, entered the neighborhood after attacking a security guard in the early morning, Peshawar Police Superintendent Kashif Zulfikar told CNN.

Security forces responded, exchanging fire and killing the four assailants, according to a statement from the Pakistani military's Inter-Services Public Relations department (ISPR).
The government is adding additional security in Christian neighborhoods.  But the attacks highlight the religious bigotry of the Islamic terrorists.  It is surprising to me that the media ignores this aspect of the attacks.  The terrorist hatred of lawyers is a more recent cause of attacks.  It also probably stems from their bigotry against anyone who does not follow a strict reading of Shariah.  The terrorists are intolerant of any modernity.


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