ISIL finding it more difficult to recruit as its base shrinks

Washington Post:
Flow of foreign fighters plummets as ISIS loses its edge

A once-mighty current of thousands of radicalized men and women converging on Syrian and Iraqi battlefields from nations across the globe has been cut to a trickle this year as the militants' territory has shrunk and their ambitions have withered. But the decline could portend a dangerous new phase.
It has lost some of its appeal and is now looked at as a loser, but probably more importantly, it has been losing strategic locations that were a gateway to Europe and the US.  First, the Kurds with US help took a key town in Syria that was a conduit for foreign fighters into and out of Europe.  Then the Turks finally got in the fight and shut down more of the Syria border.  Getting a trip to Raqqa is extremely difficult at this time.


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