Is it plausible to conclude that Clinton et al destroyed evidence under subpoena?

Byron York:
From FBI fragments, a question: Did Team Clinton destroy evidence under subpoena?

Not to put words in Gowdy's mouth — he was unavailable for comment this weekend, aides said — but the chairman appeared to suggest there was more to the story than appeared in the two documents released Friday by the FBI. Gowdy, who has said he has seen all the investigative documents the FBI sent Congress, hinted that the Platte River Networks witnesses told the FBI more than is in the incomplete documents now available to the public. What those witnesses said, and what they refused to say, along with a more complete timeline of events, would be "instructive," Gowdy said.

But even with the fragments now public — the Clinton 302, the overview report, but none of the many other witness interviews — it seems fair to conclude that staff on the Clinton team destroyed material that was under subpoena. Whether that was unwitting, or whether it was something else, is not known, at least publicly.
There is much more in this long piece.

I think the issue is definitely worth further investigation to determine whether Clinton and her team are deviously smart or something else.


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