Is Clinton's 'deplorable' comment hurting her in latest polling?

Washington Times:
It seems as though some in Ohio took offense to Hillary Clinton’s comments over the weekend that half of Donald Trump’s supporters can be grouped into a “bucket of deplorables.”

Mr. Trump tops Mrs. Clinton by 5 percentage points in a Bloomberg Politics poll of the state, one of his largest margins in the Rust Belt to date. Ohio has backed the winning presidential candidate in every election since 1964.

The poll was conducted Friday through Monday, so the “basket of deplorables” comment, along with Mrs. Clinton’s health scare were in the news.

The Republican nominee leads Mrs. Clinton, his Democratic rival, 48 percent to 43 percent among likely voters in a two-way contest and 44 percent to 39 percent when third-party candidates are included. The survey was released Tuesday evening.

With just two months to go to Election Day, Democrats are “feeling queasy” about Mrs. Clinton’s deteriorating standing in the race, Bloomberg News reported.
It appears to be a reflection of the elitist attitude of liberal Democrats toward those who reject their policies.  I think the FBI report that was given to Congress also hurt her.  She still has not given a proper response to the issues raised by the report.


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