How Fox lost some of its conservative audience

Washington Post:
Guess who’s taking aim at Fox News now? Conservatives.

They complain that the network’s “echo chamber” boosted Trump — and is killing their own movement.
It would be hard to say that I have been taking aim at Fox, but I have quit watching it and other cable news outlets.  I quit watching Fox because I don't care for Trump and those who support him.

I think his nomination was a mistake of historic proportions. His nomination is making it very likely that Hillary Clinton will win and she is equally as bad as he is.  I blame all the Trump supporters for that outcome.

I also blame the liberal media in general for pushing Trump on us as a weak candidate to make it easier for them to get Hillary Clinton elected.  I do not put Fox in that camp but the outcome is still the same.

Trump has made a few smart moves of late.  His outreach to blacks was long overdue, and it has made the liberals apoplectic.  When his meeting with a black church in Detroit went smoothly some liberal media cut away when the event went smoothly denying them an attempt to show conflict.  That is the kind of move they waited to make until after Trump secured the nomination.  That is more evidence of their intention to help him secure the nomination and then seek ways to destroy him.


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