How does Trump plan to get Mexico to pay for the wall?

The Mexican government is adamant that it will not pay for a wall.  Trump is equally adamant the "Mexico will pay for  a border wall."

So how does he square this circle?  I suspect he plans to tax the funds that Mexican citizens are sending back into Mexico.  And, to make that work, he needs to have some Mexican nationals remain in the country to make money to send back.  That could be the reason why he is postponing immediate action on those in the US illegally who have committed no crime.

He might just let them stay until the tax on their remittances pays for his wall.

Those in the media playing up the contrast in positions on how the wall would be paid for are missing this point.

It the plan is to tax the remittances, it could lead to more illegal funds transfers and it might become another business opportunity for the cartels, although their share of such a move is likely to be higher than the tax imposed.


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