Hillary's secrecy fetish strikes again

NY Times:
Hillary Clinton at the New-York Historical Society on Friday. Her campaign did not disclose that she had pneumonia until Sunday, two days after she was diagnosed.
Her campaign, responding to political pressure after it belatedly revealed that she had pneumonia, promised more details about her health and medical records this week.
She chose to only tell a few people at the top of her campaign about her illness.  Thus many on her staff were also surprised by how sick she was.  Whether she will come clean at this point is an open question, but I am dubious.

The Washington Post reports her attempt to ignore reality backfired badly:

Clinton wanted to ‘power through’ with pneumonia, setting off problems

The Democratic nominee’s decision to not widely disclose her illness and ignore her doctor’s advice to get rest set in motion perhaps the most damaging cascade of events for her in the general-election campaign — giving fresh ammunition to Republican nominee Donald Trump before their first debate.
It raises more questions about her judgment.


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