Hillary fading in battleground states

Washington Post:
Trump surges in battlegrounds, now leads in Florida, Ohio and Iowa

Despite being battered all summer by his own missteps as well as attack ads from the Democrats, the GOP nominee is surging in key states. Hillary Clinton’s return to the campaign trail after her bout of pneumonia came at what looks to be her low point in the general election.
This is about Clinton's weakness, and Trump's backing off some of his more ridiculous combat with people he is not running against.  The challenge for his latest campaign staff is to keep him focused on Clinton and not get distracted by attacks on others.

Hillary Clinton has a problem with her instinct for deceit.  From emails to illness, her first response is to lie.  She does it shamelessly.  It is effecting people's judgment about her character and whether they can trust her.

The polls are also raising questions about the assumptions the political class makes about money and organisation being the key to victory.  Money can't always buy you love.


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