Hillary Clinton's fossil fuel protection racket helps fund her campaign

Wall Street Journal:
Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has raised significantly more money than Donald Trump in the heart of the Republican fundraising territory—the oil and gas industry.

Individuals who work for oil and natural-gas companies donated $149,000 to Mr. Trump’s GOP campaign through July 30, the end of the most recent fundraising period, compared with $525,000 to Mrs. Clinton.

The industry’s executives and employees also have donated $470,000 to a fundraising account Mr. Trump established with the Republican National Committee, compared with $650,000 to a similar account Mrs. Clinton set up with the Democrats, according to new calculations provided to The Wall Street Journal by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics.

Taken together, oil and gas donors have contributed roughly twice as much to support Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as Mr. Trump’s. Election rules bar corporations from giving directly to candidates, but donations from an industry’s employees can provide a reflection of where it stands.
This is the case despite Trump's for fossil fuel friendly policies.   Perhaps they are reading the polls from this summer when Clinton was much further ahead.  The Clinton's can be bought, but it is unlikely that she will stay bought if elected.  Her stated goal is the ultimate destruction of their business.  Perhaps they hope she will kill theirs last.

I suspect that some of the reluctance to support Trump comes from his mercurial campaign rhetoric.  Somedays, when he is off script, he says things that make sane people either scratch their heads or recoil in horror.  But there should be no delusions about Hillary Clinton's long-term objective of destroying their business.


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