FBI finds more classified Clinton emails

Washington Examiner:
Justice Department attorneys said Wednesday that the FBI handed over two discs of Hillary Clinton's emails in late July: one that stored the roughly 15,000 deleted emails that agents are presently reviewing for release, and another previously undisclosed disc that stored an unidentified number of classified records.

The revelation came in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Jason Leopold of Vice News, the same case that already forced the release of the 30,000 emails Clinton submitted in late 2014.

Government lawyers did not specify whether the classified emails provided by the FBI were included in the original 30,000 records or were among those Clinton and her lawyers deleted.

But the revelation seems to indicate that the classified emails are a new batch of records that hadn't been disclosed before, as they were provided alongside other records that the former secretary of state scrubbed from her server.
It appears we learn on a weekly basis more about Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified materials, even as she continues to issue denials and obfuscations about what shed did.  We are unlikely to find out what is on the classified disc anytime soon, but just the fact that it is sitting there and being examined is damning enough for any sane person.


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