Environmentalist ask Clinton to be honest with those whose jobs she is going to kill

Washington Examiner:
Supporters are urging Hillary Clinton to play offense when talking about climate change, even in places where that message might not be popular, such as in coal country and the natural gas fields of Ohio.

With leads in just about every poll, it might be tempting for the Democratic nominee to steer clear of talking about climate and instead ensure she wins Pennsylvania and Ohio, two important swing states.

But environmentalists and a top Democrat in Pennsylvania say she instead needs to do one of the rarest things in politics: have a legitimate policy conversation with voters who may not want to hear what she has to say.

"We need to be honest and up front," said T.J. Rooney, former chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.
 That is asking a lot from a woman whose first instincts seem to be to lie even with the truth might serve her better.  On occasion she will blurt out her true objectives then she will backtrack because of the negative political consequences.  It would be surprising that anyone would trust her at this point.


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