Court insults the intelligence and ability of blacks in voter ID case

NY Times:

Supreme Court Blocks North Carolina From Restoring Strict Voting Law

A deadlocked court refused to revive parts of the law that a federal appeals court had struck down as an effort to “target African Americans with almost surgical precision.”
I find this argument specious.  Blacks are as likely to have a photo ID as any other group and they are perfectly capable of getting one if they do not have one.  It is insulting to their intelligence to suggest that they are incapable of getting one.

What the voter ID laws do to is make it harder for dead or fictitious people to vote.

One scam used by Democrats is to create bogus voter registrations where they use vacant lots or store fronts as addresses.  It is harder to get away with that if you have to present an ID.  It is another reason Democrats resist cleaning up the voter roles and removing people who have died or moved.

They have other means of voter fraud they use that skirt voter ID laws, such as bribing voters with dope or booze.

The arguments against voter ID seem to be cooked in bad faith.  They are just trying to help Democrats cheat.


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