Clinton's enthusiasm gap among a key voting block

Brandon Morse:
The Turnout At A Clinton Speech Was So Bad They Had To Take Measures To Improve Optics

Clinton was to be the keynote speaker at the National Baptist Convention USA, touted as the country's oldest and biggest African-American religious convention. During her speech, Clinton quoted lots of scripture, and spoke about her background as a Methodist since childhood. She even took a moment to land a few hits about Donald Trump.

But while it all seemed great if you were looking at the stage, turning the camera around showed you a very embarrassing scene. The turnout was far less than anyone had anticipated, and empty chairs filled the majority of the room. In order to try to save the optics, the lights were turned off, and even a wall was put up to block the vast swath of emptiness before her speech began.
It is a continuing problem for her that much of the mainstream media is trying desperately to ignore.  If she gets that kind of turnout from black religious leaders at the polls she will lose.


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