Clinton is putting herself on the defensive--She is an exceptionally weak candidate

Dan Balz:
Trump is rising in battlegrounds, putting Clinton on the defensive

Despite being battered all summer by his own missteps as well as attack ads from the Democrat's campaign, the GOP nominee is surging in key states. Hillary Clinton’s return to the campaign trail after her bout of pneumonia came at what looks to be her low point in the general election.
They are both bad candidates in their own way.  Trump was a mess after the Democrat convention wasting his time and resources on senseless fights with people he should have ignored.  

Clinton wasted over a $100 million on negative ads that had little impact, something Jeb Bush had proved earlier during the primaries.  Then she spent most of her time raising more money for more ads and dealing with an illness that she tried to act like she did not have.

Trump's new team, meanwhile, got him refocused and refused to take the bait when the media attacked the new team.  Because they did not respond the stories quickly died away.

The media has not been able to bail Clinton out as much as they have tried.  The Post looks like it has devoted most of its resources to attacks on Trump that also seem to fail.  Trump's supporters don't care what the media says and his opponents are already sold on what the Post is trying to retail.  Meanwhile. Clinton is losing the independents because of her on problems with the truth on things from her email to her illness.

The latest media distortion suggests Trump wants someone to take a shot at Clinton.  That is misreading his sarcasm and appears to be deliberate.  His point is that Clinton is a hypocrite on gun control wanting to take guns from the innocent while she is surrounded by sharpshooters.  Trump is just repeating what most 2nd amendment advocates already believe about the gun grabber hypocrisy.  I have heard the same thing said about New York's former mayor, Bloomberg.

Liberalism is just not selling like it used to.


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