Clinton did not press countries to take back their criminal illegals

Washington Times:
Jean Jacques was fresh out of prison for attempted murder in 2012, and immigration agents wanted to deport him back home to Haiti — but the island nation’s government refused to take him back, saying it couldn’t be sure Jacqueswas who he claimed to be.

At that point U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement should have enlisted the State Department, then run by Secretary Hillary Clinton, to get involved and put pressure on Haiti, but agents didn’t do that. They would later explain to investigators they’d learned from experience that the State Department didn’t get involved in cases as low-level asJacques‘ attempted murder.

Several years, and repeated failed deportation attempts later, Jacques killed a 25-year-old Connecticut woman, Casey Chadwick, stabbing her to death in a drug dispute with her boyfriend, prosecutors said.

He is one of thousands of criminal immigrants who went free during Mrs. Clinton’s time in office, released from custody because their home countries wouldn’t take them back.
While Trump has raised the issue in speeches, there have been no "Willie Horton" type ads to grab the attention of the nation as a whole, and most of the media is ignoring the issue.  She may have been reluctant to act against Haiti because it was part of the Clinton Foundation money raising scams.


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