Brits, French bust terror plots

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of plotting a Paris style marauding terror attack on the streets of Britain.

The pair, who are understood to be brothers, were arrested in a dawn raid at a property in west London on Thursday morning.

Security sources said the raid had interrupted a “significant” terrorist plot aimed at bringing death and mayhem to Britain.

The plot was said to have been inspired by Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIL) and was believed to involve guns and possibly bombs.

Security sources suggested that rather than a “lone wolf” style attack, the plot was more widespread and serious in nature.

However, the suspects are not believed to have been in possession of weapons at the time of their arrests and the raids are thought to have taken place at what was an early stage in the alleged plot.
This plot was uncovered at the same time French police uncovered what looks like a plot to use propane gas cylinders to attack around the Notre Dame Cathedral.   ISIL apparently is still anxious to engage in mass murderers of noncombatants, but intelligence may be catching up with them again.

Daily Mail:

A 'fanatical and radicalised' terrorist suspect was gunned down by French police tonight after stabbing an officer during a raid. She was said to be planning an 'imminent attack'.


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