Turks target American leaders in their post coup purge jihad

Washington Post:
Turkish lawyer files complaint accusing U.S. generals of aiding coup attempt

The case accuses Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Gen. Joseph Votel, the top U.S. commander in the Middle East, and National Intelligence Director James Clapper of conspiring with the plotters behind the failed July 15 attempt to overthrow the government.
I do not find the allegations in this case, credible.  Ever since the coup, the Erdogan regime has been throwing out wild allegations attempting to attack anyone who disagrees with it on policies.  This case seems to fit that pattern.

I do not have a high regard for Erdogan, and I also had nothing to do with the coup but based on his response to it, he is looking like the despot who should be driven from office.  He has been a substandard to terrible ally in the war against radical Islamists and has sided with some of them like the Hamas death cult.


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