Trump's screwed up campaign reflected in poll results

A new poll puts Hillary Clinton 15 percentage points ahead of Donald Trump among registered voters, according to the latest McClatchy-Marist survey, released on Thursday.

The poll, which shows Clinton leading her Republican rival 48 percent to 33 percent, indicates a dramatic surge for the Democratic nominee since last month's edition of the survey, when she led Trump by just 42 percent to 39 percent.

Clinton made strides with two crucial demographic groups that had previously favored Trump: whites and men. She leads the Manhattan billionaire by 8 percentage points among men and is up by 3 points among white voters, 41 percent to 39 percent.
Trump does not understand why he down because people are still showing up at his rallies and in much greater numbers than those coming to see Clinton.  The answer is that a majority of voters do not like either of them, and outside of his base of support, Trump is seen as scary.

Normally the democrats are pretty good at portraying Republicans as scary, and it has been an effective strategy for them, however, in the case of Trump, he has aided and abetted that strategy by doing things in such a way as to convey that same message.

To be sure, the media has amplified that message but Trump did it to himself largely through attacks on a dead soldier's family and attacks on other Republicans, instead of focusing on his opponent.


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