Trump uses Detroit as an example of failed Democrat policies

Washington Examiner:
Donald Trump immediately went after his Democratic opponent on Monday during a speech in Detroit, telling Americans they can expect to see more devastating economic effects on cities like Michigan's once bustling industrial metropolis if Hillary Clinton becomes president.

"The city of Detroit is the living, breathing example of my opponent's failed economic agenda," Trump told a boisterous crowd at the Detroit Economic Club, where multiple protesters interrupted his remarks.

"Detroit tops the list of most dangerous cities in terms of violent crime," he continued. "These are the silenced victims whose stories are never told by Hillary Clinton, but victims whose suffering is no less real or permanent."
... He claimed Clinton's economic policies would be no different than the Obama administration's "job-killing, tax-raising, poverty-inducing" agenda.

"The one common feature of every Hillary Clinton idea is that it punishes you for working and doing business in the United States. Every policy she has tilts the playing field towards other countries at our expense," Trump said.
It is the kind of speech he should have been giving for weeks.

The Washington Post described the speech this way:
Trump calls for cutting income-tax brackets down to three

The GOP candidate also called for allowing child-care expenses to be exempt from taxation in a speech allies hope will help the GOP presidential nominee turn the page on a tumultuous period some Republicans fear has severely damaged his campaign.
I see it as more of the more substantive speeches he has given.  It si a plan that is much more likely to result in economic growth than Hillary Clinton's tax and spend idea.


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