Trump supporters already blaming those who told you he would lose for his loss

John Hawkins:
Sean Hannity Should Blame Himself For Putting Hillary in the White House
I have to admit I have not spent much time watching Hannity since he started his fawning coverage of Trump.  In fact, I have tuned out much of the Fox News coverage of the campaign.  Watching them make such a horrendous mistake by giving so much time To Trump was not worth my time.

Hannity fooled himself into thinking that what Trump was selling would attract voters and he ignored all the voters alienated by Trump.  Now he is blaming the alienated voters that he had a hand in alienating.

It should have been clear to him that people who act like jerks have a very limited appeal.  If he was not aware that Trump was acting like a jerk, he was being willfully ignorant.

Jonah Goldberg's column is also a must read:
Does Sean Hannity Want Hillary to Win?


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