Trump needs the votes of conservatives and what he is doing now is not working

Leon Wolf:
Yes, Trump DOES Need Conservative Votes. His Supporters Should Try Something Other than Threats or Peer Pressure to Get Them. 

Try to actually engage substantively with the objections to Trump - which are not exclusively or even mostly related to ideological purity and are not at all caused by "sour grapes" - but are instead rooted in the conviction, based on recent experience, that nothing Trump says can be believed, and that he as a person would be a walking time bomb if he actually occupied the oval office. Find some way to reassure voters who most assuredly do not want Hillary Clinton to become President that Trump has it in him to actually do this job in a way that wouldn't materially harm the country (and, indeed, the world at large). Don't assume that repeatedly pointing at Hillary and braying will get the job done, because it won't. We've been watching Hillary for 25 years now; you're not surprising us by telling us that she's bad.

Convince us that Trump is good or at least less bad, and do it with facts, if you can. Or don't; it's no skin off my teeth if he loses. But you should realize by now that what you're doing is not working and will in fact contribute to his loss in November.
Insults are not persuasive, and accusing people who find Hillary Clinton equally objectionable of supporting her is also not working.  In other words, Trump must find a way to earn the votes of conservatives and it is on him if he doesn't.


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