Tracking the media switch to aggressively attacking Trump

Neil Stevens:
What the press started to do to Donald Trump as soon as the RNC locked in the nomination is as transparent as it is unfair. You see, once it was too late for the party to change to another candidate, Trump started to get the full on Crubio treatment.

What's the Crubio treatment? Simply it's the same coverage Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio got in the primaries. Every tiny story, no matter how innocent and easily explained, is blown up into being the worst scandal ever.

The way Marco Rubio was treated was as biased as you can get. They attacked his wife for speeding. They attacked him for owning a tiny fishing boat. They attacked him for having student loans. They attacked him for being a prominent Republican who paid his credit card bills honestly. They threw everything to the wall to see what stuck.

It was the same way for Ted Cruz. They attacked him because John Boehner and Mitch McConnell hate his guts. They attacked him for liking soup. They attacked him for offering to cook for himself and be less of a burden while his wife worked to better herself, even as they cruelly attacked him for his wife's struggles with depression. They attacked him for his looks. They attacked him for his accent. They attacked him for being legally obligated to sign up for medical insurance, something mandated by Obamacare.
What is interesting is that Ted Cruz predicted the onslaught against Trump once he had locked up the nomination.  He was telling the media and his supporters about what to expect during the last weeks of his own campaign.

But the media got the Republican they wanted to run against Clinton and then set out to destroy him.  They have done a bang up job.


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