This is more evidence that the Obama administration continues to underestimate the enemy

NY Times:
How a Secretive Branch of ISIS Built a Global Network of Killers

A jailhouse interview with a German man who joined the Islamic State reveals the workings of a unit whose lieutenants are empowered to plan attacks around the world.
What ISIL is doing with this network is terrorist jujitsu.  They know that Obama and others in the west want to use a lawfare strategy against them and they are turning that to their advantage by using the jails as a recruit depot.  They are finding recruiters to go into the mosques to find more mass murderers for Allah.

The failure of the West to see these places as something besides houses of worship has allowed them to be turned into weapons depots and another recruiting grounds.

What they fail to recognize is that Islam is not like other religions.  While it has its devout believers, it also has the equivalent of the Nazi SS, where radicals plot mass murder and dream of  a genocide that would put Hitler and Stalin and Mao to shame.  They want to murder everyone in the world who does not accept their weird religious beliefs.


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