The mob in Milwaukee--Perp with gun shot by black officer

Fox News:
The man who was shot and killed by a Milwaukee police officer on Saturday – an incident which sparked a night of violet protests – is seen on body camera footage with a loaded gun in his hand, officials said at a Sunday news conference.

Sylville K. Smith, 23, was identified Sunday as the subject of a Saturday afternoon traffic stop that turned deadly when Smith allegedly ran from officers and then turned toward one with a gun in his hand.

Both Smith and the unidentified officer who shot him are black, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn said.

“The individual did turn toward the officer with a firearm in his hand,” said Flynn, later adding that Smith “was raising up with” the gun.
Fox6Now also notes:
The officer who fired the deadly shots is 24 years old and has six years of service with the Milwaukee Police Department -- three as an officer.

Chief Flynn said Sunday afternoon that officer is African-American. That officer is not being identified, as Flynn said there are concerns for his safety.
"A young man lost his life (Saturday) afternoon. No matter what, his family has to be hurting. There was a body camera the officer was wearing. The video will be under the jurisdiction of the state of Wisconsin. I have seen a still photo extracted from that video. That photo demonstrates, without question, that (Smith) had a gun in his hand. The police officer didn't know it at the time, but there were 23 rounds in that gun. He had more bullets in his gun than the police officer had in his gun. What that police officer encountered was an individual who had a gun in his hand. I would like to see the video released as soon as possible but I agree -- the officer has not even been interviewed yet, the officer who was involved," Barrett said.

"This happened (Saturday) night, OK? I don`t think there`s anyone in the country who`s released a body-worn camera of an officer-involved shooting in 24 hours or 36 hours. I think Chicago set the modern record with a week," Flynn said.

Flynn said the suspect, Sylville Smith, had a lengthy arrest record with MPD.

FOX6's AJ Bayatpour spoke with Smith's father, Patrick Smith Sunday -- who blamed himself for his son's death.

"They`re looking at their dad like, 'he`s doing all these things.' I just got out of jail probably two months ago, but I`ve been going back-and-forth in jail and they see these things -- so I`d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get," Patrick Smith said.
That explains some of what happened but does not explain the mob violence that followed.  While there was clearly no racial motive  in the officer shooting, there does appear to be racist violence  that followed the shooting.


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