That will be the day Trump starts acting presidential

Jonah Goldberg:
Waiting for the Pivot at the End of the Universe
He is not going to pivot.  He is a guy who has got to be Trump and not someone who looks like a leader of the free world.
I want to put forward a challenge to everyone still clinging to the he-can-change, pie-in-the-sky, free-beer-tomorrow, Godot’s-bus-is-just-running-late, he-can-change fantasy. Pick a date. Any date between now and Election Day. I want you to commit to the idea that if he hasn’t changed by that day, he never will. And on that day, you need to accept that he is the same cheeto-dusted smatterer some of us saw from Day 1. Then, ask yourself: “What should we do now?”
What Goldberg is talking about are the more sane people who are backing Trump and waiting for him to get with the program.  There is a subset of Trump supporters who are perfectly fine with Trump being Trump.  He is exactly what they want.  Those people are as scary as he is.


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