Target in the toilets

Washington Post:
Target to spend $20 million on single-stall bathrooms after backlash to its restroom policy

The retailer earlier this year weighed in during a national debate over a law in North Carolina requiring people to use public bathrooms that correspond to their gender at birth.
Targets stand for the .03 percent of Americans who think they are transgender has been very costly well before the $20 million remodel it has brought about.  The company's position sparked a boycott of a million or so shoppers and the company stock declined from $83.50 to $67 a month after it announced its policy.

It was not a good decision by the company's management.  It was a decision with no upside.  It soon sparked stories of perverts in the toilets and dressing rooms who may have been only pretending to be transgender to take advantage of the policy.  The single stall toilets are unlikely to stop the problem.


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