Removing the dead from the voting rolls

NY Times:

Critics See Efforts to Purge Minorities From Voter Rolls

Months before the presidential election, blatant attempts to keep minorities from voting have been supplanted by a blizzard of more subtle changes and intimidating tactics, advocates contend.
These critics are letting their paranoia get the best of them.  Voters rolls that contain more people than the population of a district need to be purged of the dead and those who have left the area.  That is just common sense to non-liberals.   Registrations of people with addresses that are vacant lots are suspect and are used by some in minority districts to thwart the will of real voters.  People who have registration in more than one jurisdiction should also be forced to pick where they are going to vote and not be allowed to vote twice.

The critics should participate in the process instead of protesting and helping the cheaters.


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