Pentagon urging contractors to develop new weapons

Washington Examiner:
15 cool new military weapons joining the fight

Now more than ever, the Defense Department is placing a premium on innovation, launching partnerships with Silicon Valley companies and finding ways for smaller firms to sell their wares to the Pentagon. At the same time, leadership has stressed to traditional defense contractors that they need to invest their own money on research and development if they want to keep the Pentagon as a customer.

With that in mind, here are 15 of the coolest, most cutting-edge weapons that defense firms and the Pentagon itself are developing for the near future.
Some like the Navy raid gun I have posted on before, but there are some unique new weapons that should make a difference in modern warfare.
... The LITSABR program, which stands for Laser Identification through Scattering and Beam Recognition, will allow sensors and cameras to detect laser beams that have scattered on particles in the air, like aerosols, water vapor, dust and pollutants, said John DeGrassie, a scientist at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific's Atmospheric Propagation Branch.

This will allow sailors to know a laser is being used around them before it is actually being pointed at them.

"If you're at sea, you have to wait until you're lazed to figure out that you're being lazed, and it may be too late. How do we get in front of that?" DeGrassie said.
There is much more.


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