Obama surrenders the Cold War victory over the Russians

Erick Erickson:
One of the great legacies of President Obama’s time in office is his undoing of the post-World War II peace. Convinced, it seems, that it was just a bunch of white imperialists carving up the world, Barack Obama wanted to transcend a peace that has lasted generations. In so doing, he altered the American course in the Middle East. But that came with a price.

During the Cold War, the United States largely purged the Soviets of influence in the Middle East. Working tirelessly to stabilize the region and build alliances that pushed out Russian incursions, the United States helped deliver more stability and peace between Egypt and Israel. Likewise, we built up friendships with Jordan and moved Turkey further to the West.

Because of dereliction, negligence, and just plain malfeasance in office, Barack Obama is undoing all of that hard work.
Instead, Obama is empowering Iran and Russia in the Syrian civil War and neither has the US interests at heart.  They will use their joint effort to undermine US allies in the region.


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