Lying about lying--Hillary Clinton can't help herself

Jake Tapper does a fact check of Hillary Clinton's statements about FBI investigation.  She really is not as good at deceit as Bill was.

The problem for Republicans, this time, is that with substantial help from Trump, the Democrats and the media have effectively tagged him as SCARY.  That has been a winning strategy in the past.  It will take more than making the case that Clinton is a liar to defeat her.  The voters in large part already understand that she is a liar.

What Trump has failed to do is make the case that her policies are scary and will harm the country.  The guy who made an issue out of a border fence and controlling immigration has not really hit her on her immigration policies.  He has tried to make an issue out of her potential Supreme Court nominees, but he has not done so in a way that makes her look scary.

Meanwhile, Trump's own statements on Russia, The Ukraine, and Eastern Europe suggest someone who is detached from the reality of the threat posed by Russia and their current aggression.  To anyone who thinks about national security those answers were scary.


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