ISIL route to Europe cut off by Kurdish capture of Manji

Kurdish and Arab fighters say they have liberated the north Syrian town of Manbij from so-called Islamic State, cutting off its route to Europe.

The coalition of militias fought 73 days to drive out IS and say they freed 2,000 civilians being used as human shields on the final day.

IS captured Manbij, close to the Turkish border, two years ago.

Roads to Syria's embattled second city, Aleppo, and to the IS capital, Raqqa, pass through the town.

"After the liberation of Manbij, IS members won't be able to freely travel to and from Europe anymore," said Syrian Kurdish leader Salih Muslim.
This should impact ISIL's ability to conduct new operations in Europe once the existing jihadis are captured or killed.  That should impact their terror campaign which has been a response to the pressure put on them inside the caliphate.


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