Important facts about this Iran execution

Fox News:
Iran: Scientist who gave US nuclear intelligence executed
Here are the conclusions I draw from this case.

It seems clear that the evidence he provided was true and helpful to the US in determining what was going on with Iran's nuclear program.

It is also a fact that is a mistake to return to Iran after you have disclosed its nefarious operations.  I think in general it is a mistake to go back to Iran after leaving it.   To return risks being taken as a hostage  to be used to extort more from the US and its allies, or in this case to risk death.

Iran is a country run by genocidal Islamic religious bigots who will kill without conscience.  Why Obama thinks he can cut a deal with them is still a mystery.

It is also possible that he could have been a victim of Hillary Clinton's "unclassified" emails which disclosed his cooperation with the US.


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