Hillary a real turn off to white male voters

James Robbins:
Sorting through the Wikileaked Democratic National Committee emails I ran across an unexpected subject line: “Trump on to something.”

Indeed? The May 10, 2016 email was from DNC press secretary Mark Paustenbach to communications director Luis Miranda. Attached were the results of the May 10 Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll of battleground states Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania. The excerpted portion of the poll in the email read:

From Florida section: “Republicans’ weakness among minority voters is well known. But the reason this race is so close overall is Clinton’s historic weakness among white men. In Florida, she is getting just 25 percent from white men,” Brown said.

This is what Donald Trump is onto: white men have no reason at all to vote for Hillary.
Democrats, in general, have been turning off white male voters  and Hillary Clinton is just continuing that trend.


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