Hillary Clinton flunks Homeland Security test

James Greenfield:
As the Hillary Clinton camp ceaselessly reminds us, experience matters when it comes to national security. But Clinton’s record as secretary of state suggests that she is more responsive to the civil rights posturing of Islamic advocacy groups than she is to the need for unfettered intelligence gathering that can protect American lives.

As terrorism threatens to swallow Western Europe and ramps up here, this is a subject that Clinton and the Obama administration want to avoid. There was never much chance that you would hear the words “Islamic” and “terrorism” juxtaposed at any point during the Democratic National Convention.

On the campaign trail Clinton approaches the issue obliquely. In a national security-themed speech in San Diego on June 2, she acknowledged that the threat of domestic terrorism is “real and urgent.” But beyond collaborative attacks on ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, her prescription for preventing domestic terrorism was limited to this: “We need to lash up with our allies, and ensure our intelligence services are working hand-in-hand to dismantle the global network that supplies money, arms, propaganda and fighters to the terrorists.”

A laudable objective that Clinton failed to embrace in practice when she was in office.

In his book “See Something, Say Nothing,” retired Department of Homeland Security intelligence agent Philip Haney revealed that the Obama administration and Clinton’s State Department – at the urging of Islamist activists in key advisory positions – ordered the purge of painstakingly developed databases and restricted intelligence activities that had identified Muslims as potential terrorist operatives.

Haney reported that in October 2009, his superiors ordered him to remove more than 800 data records that tracked leaders of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates named as unindicted co-conspirators in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation case, which had convicted five individuals of financially supporting the global terrorist organization Hamas.

After holding an outreach conference in early 2010 with representatives of Islamic organizations, DHS formed a Countering Violent Extremism Working Group which included Mohamed Elibiary, Mohamed Magid, and Brotherhood apologist Dalia Mogahed. Elibiary served until September 2014, when he was stripped of his security clearance and booted by DHS after allegedly misusing intelligence documents and proclaiming that the return of the Islamic caliphate was “inevitable.”

Magid, who accused the Bush administration of waging a “war against Islam and Muslims” when it investigated Muslim organizations after 9/11, has long held executive positions with the Islamic Foundation of North America (ISNA), an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation case. Magid continues to serve on the Faith Based Security and Communications Subcommittee of DHS’s Advisory Council, along with Salam Al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council who has publicly claimed that American foreign policy is being guided by Israel and is unfair to Islamic countries like Egypt and Iran. Nevertheless, Clinton sent Al-Marayati as her emissary to European conferences on religious freedom in 2010 and human rights in 2012.
There is more.

This demonstrates the lack of seriousness in dealing with the enemy.  Anyone who pushes the phony meme of Islamaphobia should not be in a  position of authority.  It is a phrase intended to stifle legitimate criticism of radical Islam and the terrorist who embrace it.


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