Hack reveals how Soros manipulates elections

Thomas Lifson:
George Soros is the closest thing to a real life Bond villain that I have come across. Fabulously wealthy, secretive, and pulling the strings and calling the shots of governments all over the world.

He uses nonprofit organizations (so-called NGOs – Non Governmental Organizations) as tax sheltered means of accomplishing his political and financial goals (the two are closely intertwined – this is a man widely believed to have made over a billion dollars from a run on the British Pound).

Now, thanks to the massive hack of his files over a period of years, we are starting to get a picture of the means by which he manipulates. Something called SLI.MG has published what it claims to be a full list of Soros’s manipulation of European elections.

The list comes from the year 2014 – one year – and there are over 90 projects funded to influence the elections. It appears to be taken directly from the files of the Open Society Institute, showing images of their documents....
There is more.

He is also been accused of being behind the Black Lives Matter Movement which grew out of the "Hands up. Don't shoot" lie that followed the events in Ferguson, Missouri.  He has backed several left-wing groups in the US.  As people dig into the disclosures, I suspect we will learn more about his attempt to manipulate voters.


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