Germany takes steps to resist radical Islam

Germans with dual nationality will lose their German citizenship if they fight for militant Islamist groups abroad, under new anti-terror proposals.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere also announced plans to speed up the deportation of foreign criminals.

He announced extra personnel, equipment and surveillance powers for the police.

But he rejected banning the public wearing of the burka (the Islamic full veil). And he resisted pressure to ease medical confidentiality.

Some of his conservative Christian Democrat (CDU) colleagues have urged a burka ban but Mr de Maiziere said it would be "problematic" and "you cannot ban everything that you reject".

On deportation, Mr de Maiziere said there would be no tolerance of foreign offenders who used false identities in order to stay in Germany.

The deputy head of Bavaria's intelligence services, Manfred Hauser, has told the BBC the risk of a major attack on German soil is high.

He said his agents were investigating hundreds of reports that the so-called Islamic State (IS) group was sending teams into the country disguised as refugees.
It is a start.  Hopefully, it is not too little and too late to stop the next attack.   Germany has invited the barbarians inside the gates and is suffering the consequences.

As for the burka, "fashion statement" if women want to wear ugly, funny looking clothes they should have the freedom to do so, but if anyone forces them to wear this garb, they should be punished.


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