Fire and flooding effecting Louisiana refineries

Fuel Fix:
A fire at Phillips 66’s Lake Charles, La., refining complex was put out Monday as much of southern Louisiana remained mired in near-record floodwaters.

No one was injured in the fire, which began just after noon Monday during a unit shutdown. Though smoke billowed in the sky, Phillips 66 called it a small blaze that didn’t affect the community. The company would not say whether the shutdown was weather-related.

The cause is being investigated and the refinery is continuing to operate, Phillips 66 said.

Officials at other refining and petrochemical plants in southern Louisiana said they are maintaining at least limited operations during the flooding, a result of torrential rains. At least seven people died and more than 20,000 had to be rescued.
Like others in the Lousiana community, the energy industry is responding to the crisis caused by the flooding.  The rainfall has been pretty persistent, in the relatively flat terrain of southern Louisiana.  Many of the houses in the area have flooded and others have had the waters lapping at their doorsteps.  Schools remain closed and organizations are offering support to those who had to be evacuated from their homes.


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