Did Rush Limbaugh forget about the 2014 GOP landslide?

Red States:
Rush Limbaugh Claims GOP Was In Freefall Before Trump, Except It Was Actually Much Better Off
Rush has been trying to explain Trump's appeal since he entered the race, but I disagree with him on this proposition.  Polling during the primary showed several of the candidates, including Ted Cruz, could beat Hillary Clinton and Trump was almost always behind.  Since getting the nomination Trump has had his ups and downs in the polls but after several self-inflicted wounds since the Democrat convention, he is way down.

Sean Hannity has responded to the decline by blaming the "establishment."  He can't seem to understand that Trump is doing this to himself with poorly thought out attacks on people other than Hillary Clinton.

If the GOP had nominated any of the top five or six candidates other than Trump they would be leading by five to 10 points at this time.


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