Congress looks at perjury case against Hillary Clinton

Washington Times:
Two top House Republicans accused Hillary Clinton of appearing to have lied to Congress, laying out a case Monday they said could sustain perjury charges against the former State Department secretary for her use of a secret email server.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte and Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz said the evidence collected by the FBI during its investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email use contradicts what she herself told Congress in testimony last year.

Mrs. Clinton testified that she never sent or received information marked classified, but FBI Director James Comey said there were three such documents that were marked at the time.

Mrs. Clinton also said her lawyers “went through every single email” in deciding which ones to return to the government to comply with open-records laws, but Mr. Comey said that wasn’t true, and in fact the lawyers only used search terms and subject lines.

The two chairman also said the FBI showed Mrs. Clinton didn’t provide all of her work-related emails to the government, and also had more than one server that stored her messages.

The Justice Department has gone to great lengths to protect Mrs. Clinton during this presidential campaign, refusing to pursue charges that she mishandled classified information, and fighting against forcing her to testify under oath in a court case about her emails. The department also reportedly refused an FBI recommendation to investigate the Clinton Foundation.
They appear to have a case with no one to prosecute it for them.  Obama is going to continue to give her cover and DOJ is not even looking at the scandal surrounding the alleged selling of access by the Clinton Foundation.


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