Clean power plan to produce half of US energy by 2025?

Fuel Fix:
If the U.S. Clean Power Plan takes effect, renewable and nuclear energy will provide almost half of the country’s electricity production by 2025, the Department of Energy said in a report released Tuesday.

The projection says renewables and nuclear could grow from 38 percent now to 45 percent in 10 years — a growth of almost 20 percent, but still not enough to meet a recent North American pact.

Canada, Mexico and the U.S. agreed in June to grow clean energy sources to 50 percent of electricity generation by 2025.

U.S. consumers use the vast majority of total North American electricity generation — more than 80 percent. Canada represents about 13 percent; Mexico, 6 percent.

The Department of Energy’s Information Administration report assumes that the Clean Power Plan goes into effect in 2022.
The left in this country has been adamantly opposed to nuclear power for decades and made it nearly impossible to build new plants in a reasonable time frame and at a reasonable cost.  They oppose nuclear energy with the same fervor they oppose fossil fuels.  They are the reason there are not more nuclear plants being built and they have worked to close down many existing plants.

Wind and solar still lack efficiency and the ability to modulate the flow of energy.  They are not demand oriented like natural gas plants.  They need to become much more efficient and dependable or many customers will experience power outages.

When you consider that the plan requires both the left and the fossil fuel industry to accept something they strongly oppose, it will take more persuasive arguments than have so far been mounted to get it put in place


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