Brit sniper stops human bomb attack with shot just as killer suited up

The expert shooter took out the bomber moments after he put on a suicide vest packed with hundreds of steel ball-bearings ready for a deadly attack.

In one precise shot from 800m away, the sniper fired through a window to put a bullet through the terrorist's vest causing an explosion.

The bomber, his accomplice and two bomb makers were killed in the blast which sprayed the inside of a bomb making factory in Iraq with shrapnel.

The incredible shot hit a plastic explosive forcing the vest to detonate on impact.

MI6, Iraqi special forces and intelligence agencies alongside the SAS had been hunting the terror group for months.

The gang were part of an Islamic State (ISIS) cell, believed to be responsible for making suicide vests which have killed hundreds of people in Iraq in recent months.
“The vest was primed and packed with plastic explosive impregnated with hundreds of steel ball-bearings.

“The sniper fired and less than a second later the vest detonated. The blast blew the roof off the house and killed everyone inside.

“There was nothing left of the suicide bomber, apart from his head. These guys wanted to go to paradise so we sent them there.”
The war in the shadows continues in Baghdad.  The intelligence services and the special ops are successfully stalking enemy mass murderers and taking them out.


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