19 year-old Texan is the world's best gymnast winning the gold at Rio Olympics

Daily Mail:
Shedding tears of joy, Simone Biles proved on Thursday that she indeed is the world's greatest gymnast after taking home the gold medal for the women’s individual all-around final in Rio.

The 19-year-old gymnast took center stage Thursday alongside her Final Five captain Aly Raisman, who won the silver medal during the highly anticipated competition.

Biles floor routine was polished and perfect, as it sealed the deal for her to take home the gold medal.

The Texas native scored a 15.933, as Raisman scored a 15.433 for her floor routine.

Biles won the competition with a 62.198 total score for first place, while Raisman had a 60.098 total for second place. Russia's Aliya Mustafina took home the bronze medal with a total score of 58.665.

After taking home the gold, her parents couldn't help but share their joy.

Ronald Biles said: 'Simone has made us double proud. She just blew us away.

'You asked me when it felt like to be the father of an Olympic gold medalist and I couldn't answer you.
Biles waved to the crowd after shedding tears of joy for winning the gold medal for the women's individual all around finals
There is much more including several colorful pictures.

Simone and her family live in the Houston area.  She is a terrific athlete and the whole country should be proud of her.


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