Will France drop its empathy for terrorist in Israel?

NY Times:

To France From Israel: Lessons on Living With Terror

Israeli citizens and officials say they’ve lived with, and planned for, threats similar to the truck attack in Nice for decades.
The threat inside Europe has become very similar to the threat that Israel has lived with for decades.  Yet France and others in Europe are still pushing for a Palestinian terror state.   Will they soon be challenged by Muslims for their own state within their own borders?  You would think that the Europeans would begin to have some comprehension of the threat that Israel faces in dealing with intransigent Muslim demands.

Just yesterday Germany got a taste of the Knife and axe intifada with the attack on train passengers by an Afghan Muslim refugee.

The collapse of the Muslim culture in several countries has only spread their dysfunction to other parts of the world.  Yet Obama and Hillary Clinton want to spread that dysfunction to the US too.

While not every Muslim is a terrorist, it is difficult to tell the good from the bad at this point.


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