Who Hillary really is exposed by scandal

Washington Examiner Editorial:
In the Tuesday press conference that gave Hillary Clinton a legal pass for her law breaking, the FBI nevertheless stamped its imprimatur on what most people have come to understand — that she is a habitual liar.

Clinton lied when she said she had used a private email server for all of her work emails as secretary of state because "it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two." She lied when she said she "never received or sent any material that was marked classified." She lied when she said she had turned over all work-related emails from her private server. She lied when she said there were no breaches of her email account, something FBI director James Comey said is still in doubt. The list goes on.

Lies, especially lies like these, told to avoid responsibility for one's actions, are never isolated. They reveal the warp and weft of the person who tells them.

So even though Clinton's acts will not end in criminal prosecution — Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirmed this on Wednesday — the email scandal has helped expose who she really is.

If she cannot tell the truth in simple matters like those listed above, no one can take her word on more complex and inscrutable questions, such as her motives for often acting in ways that created clear conflicts of interest with her duties in high office.
She is like the Peanuts character Pig Pen who has a cloud of dirt that follows him around.  It raises big questions about all of the deals she helped the Foundation land from foreign donors while she was Secretary of States.  There is a suspicion that her reasons for destroying so-called private emails were to cover up how she and Bill profited for selling her office.


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