Venezuela surrenders to hunger and allows people to buy groceries in Colombia

Thousands of people have crossed to Colombia after Venezuela opened their common border to allow its people to buy food and medicine, officials say.

The frontier, closed by Venezuela last August as part of a crime crackdown, was to open for 12 hours.

Venezuela is going through a deep economic crisis and many say they struggle to feed their families.

Some 35,000 people crossed the border between San Antonio del Tachira, in Venezuela, and Cucuta, in Colombia, a Colombian official told the BBC.

Supermarkets were crowded with Venezuelans buying basic supplies such as rice, oil, flour and sugar, which are expensive in their country because of the shortages.

Gloria Archila was all smiles. "They had everything," she said, comparing the situation here with the empty shelves in markets back home.

Everyone seemed to have a story like this - a mother who was looking for medicine for her daughter, another who described being "happy to see so much food together".
 There is more.

Maduro had closed the border to keep subsidized goods from being sold in Colombia, but lately, Venezuela does not have many goods of any character.  At least those near the border can put off starvation for awhile.


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