Trump keeps distracting from Hillary's bad press

Caleb Howe:

On Wednesday, people returned focus to Hillary as grown-ups made statements highlighting how absurd it is that Hillary was sliding by with many transgressions and no repercussions. Again the tide turned against her and away from the GOP. But again, by nightfall, the news had changed. Why? Donald Trump held a political rally wherein he spent a great deal of time defending his anti-Semitic friends and their drawings, doubling down on Saddam, and reliving his primary triumphs over his terrible opponents.


When the media turns attention away from Hillary and toward Trump, his followers and fans and apologists point their fingers at the media and cry foul. As we noted here at RedState, the outrage over Trump's comments about Saddam among the press was perfectly timed for Clinton, but totally old news otherwise. Was the media running cover for Hillary?

D'UH!!!! But guess what, folks, that is old news too. Of course the press takes Clinton talking points and runs with them. The Clinton campaign attacked Trump's comments and away we went that night. But Trump didn't need those comments. That stupid line about Saddam Hussein being "so good" at killing terrorists, besides being stupid, was a foreseeable problem.

And last night? Spending his rally defending a tweet? Wasting time doubling down on how great Saddam Hussein was? Attacking old rivals, bragging about prior victories? Why does he keep doing these things? They are the perfect distraction.
Is he suffering from ADHD?  Is he trying to keep the negative attention focused on him rather than his opponent?   If he keeps this undisciplined campaign up it will become a case study in how to lose an easily winnable race.

The tweet that he keeps defending was a dumb one, to begin with.  Good grief--let it go.

As Kyle Foley points out:
In the last 36 hours, Republicans have been tossed softball after softball, but their nominee has missed every ball and instead has slammed himself in the face with the bat. Repeatedly. Almost like it is his job.


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