Trump and RNC rig convention votes

Washington Examiner:
The floor of the Republican convention erupted in pandemonium Monday as delegates for and against Donald Trump's nomination fought over the rules package that would govern his nomination for president later this week.

Republican Party officials put down a rebellion by conservative delegates denying them a roll call vote on the new set of rules.

The coalition of rebel delegates, joined by delegates who support Trump's nomination, moved for consideration of an alternate rules package after submitting the required number of petitions to the convention secretary. That rules package would have unbound delegates and possibly let them vote for someone other than Trump.

Rep. Steve Womack of Arkansas, acting as presiding officer over the convention, called for a voice vote of the rules package and deemed sufficient support for it to pass.

The insurgent delegates responded angrily with chants of "shame" and "roll call vote." Loyal Trump delegates, which comprise the majority of the convention, responded with chants of "USA, USA." For several moments, the floor was chaotic as both factions screamed at each other, a scene not seen on the floor a major party political convention in several years.

Womack later returned to the dais and allowed a member of the Utah delegation to call for a roll call vote on the alternate rules package. Womack then informed the convention that, according to the convention secretary, some of the delegates who had signed the petitions in favor of a roll call vote had removed their names, so the package was no longer eligible for a vote.
There is much more.

It is ironic that Donald Trump who complained about a rigged system every time he lost a vote would participate in a rigged system to deny a vote on the floor.  He must have though he might lose.


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