The justice system does not end with a shooting, it begins

NY Times:

Lighting Candles, but Asking: Whose Side Are You On?

People in interviews across the U.S. said the nation increasingly feels mired in bloodshed and blame despite pleas for unity.

After five police officers were killed in Dallas, angry camps are emerging of liberals against conservatives, Black Lives Matter against Blue Lives Matter and protesters against the police.
People are too eager t jump to conclusions in the police shootings.  They should let the justice system work and get all the facts which do not begin or end with some video.  If the cops broke the law, let the justice system take care of it.

The Black Lives Matter movement has an image problem that is exacerbated by its jumping to conclusions.  It comes across as either a racist organization that thinks only black lives matter or an organization that is so inarticulate as to be incoherent.  It also appears that some in the movement are playing on the tender emotions of others like the guy who ambushed the cops in Dallas.


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